The Best Sports Fans on the Planet: The Torontonian

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Blind faith, hope, passion and unity. The buck doesn’t seize to stop there with the Torontonian and yet their teams have yet to give them something to cheer about. The Torontonian sports fanatic has been conditioned to know one thing, compete for a playoff berth. The championship conversation does not seem to cross their mind, yet after the Toronto Raptors played their best game of the postseason yesterday May 7, 2016 taking a 2-1 series lead against the Miami Heat the now named Jurassic Park went into a frenzy. This basketball team is supposedly in uncharted waters, common conversations taking place among raptor fans are typically prefaced with, “At least we beat Indiana, I am proud no matter what happens with Miami.” This is a product of constant disappointment from their organizations, when you have not been somewhere before/in a long time it is natural to be excited about just getting there. The Torontonian doesn’t care, come hell or high water this person will proudly wear their logos and country’s colours with an immense amount of pride. The Toronto Maple Leafs finished last place and received the number one overall pick in the 2016 NHL Entry Draft. One can imagine the Stanley Cup parade plans taking place, despite the last place finish MLSE managed to raise their ticket prices to the highest in their illustrious 100 plus year history.


Having all that said, one would be foolish to dismiss the resolve and passion of a Toronto sports fan. In European countries their soccer fans have the same kind of passion, of course it borders on lunacy, but no matter the result they support their soccer teams no matter¬†the failure or success that may take place. It is fair to judge a Toronto fan and question their sheer intelligence for supporting mediocrity and failure however the best way to look at a Toronto fan is with sheer admiration and respect because you will not find this passion and blind support anywhere else in North America. I haven’t been everywhere in the United States, but I have been to enough cities and enough of their sporting events to know that the people of Toronto are united in a way no other city is. Boston comes close of course since their unfortunate bombing incident at the 2013 Boston Marathon, however I can promise you if their teams are failing, that fan base will turn on them quicker than I can say hello.


Quickly summarized there is a certain amount of determination and will required to be a Torontonian and a Toronto sports fan. Despite all the negatives one can find about these organizations the sports community in Toronto is one of the most powerful things as a journalist I have ever seen. the 2015 Blue Jays postseason experience will be one I cherish forever, though the team didn’t win the World Series, this Raptor postseason has put me through a roller coaster of emotions but seeing Jurassic Park makes me realize that this city means business. It is this “Toronto vs Everybody” mentality that has made Toronto sports relevant again and has strengthened its fan base to a point that even American cities are showing Toronto some respect.


Those of you thinking about jumping on the Toronto bandwagon, this might be the right time.

Stay Classy Toronto!


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